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Pookie, the Polish Princess.

17 set

Pookie, my first Polish bride, getting ready for her destination wedding in Rio.  Have you ever met a Polish woman who can speak Portuguese? I did! And she is so pretty I could barely believe my eyes… We met on her wedding day, and yes, I was her photographer. How surprising is that? That’s why I love my job sooooo much….

IMG_0445 IMG_0456 IMG_0471 IMG_0474 IMG_0478 IMG_0503 IMG_0504 IMG_0527 IMG_0554 IMG_0560 IMG_0670 IMG_0675 IMG_0699 IMG_0702 IMG_8688 IMG_8697

Please visit our website to see all the photos from this magical day!

Location: Sheraton Rio

Make up artist: Yoanna Mihalopoulos

Videomaker: Pepe Figueroa

Photos: Carol Bussière

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